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Visitors staying at 7 Cascades Lodge may benefit from a network of nature trails that criss-cross the surroundings and bring the amazed hikers not only close to nature, but also deep into an untouched environment full of endemic plants, tropical flowers and unspoilt beauty.
Guided tours will bring you to the 7 famous, sparkling waterfalls, where you can even enjoy a refreshing dip in one of the pools; or down to one of the artificial lakes which serve as water reserves for the dry west coast.

The front desk at 7 Cascades Lodge is happy to arrange special outings like sustainable day-tours, boat outings, or trips to the sacred Hindu lake Ganga Talao, the tea-plantation or a visit of a local market.

As the lodge is situated far from the beach and outside of any villages or towns, taxi services and airport transfer are also arranged by the helpful front desk clerk.


About Us

Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd (LRT) is a local tour operator who join forces with in order to reach more people interested in the nature sights of Mauritius and Rodrigues Island and to provide real eco tourism and related services to them.

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